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Need help for Gaming, Streaming, & Content Creation PC build

So, since this will be my first time building a PC and not buying a laptop, I need some clear advice on how some stuff works better or worse. For the start, I have a $2k budget.
Softwares that I use: Adobe Ph, Il, Pr, Ae, Au, Vegas Pro 14/15, Audacity, OBS Studio, Paint Tool SAI, Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Android Studio. Games that I play: Rainbow 6 Siege, Souls series, NieR Automata, Overwatch, Fortnite. (Code Vein, Gundam Breaker, and MH World in the future)
  1. CPU: Which is better right now, Intel or AMD? Both recently just got upgrade, but I heard while AMD has lower performance, it made up with its multitasking performance. Is this true? Also, default cooler or buy a new cooler?
  2. Motherboard: I'm lost at these since there's a lot of motherboards out there. Any particular specs or feature that I should keep an eye out when choosing a good motherboard?
  3. RAM: Since it's DDR4 generation right now, and RAM price is skyrocketed right now, I might settle in 16GB, maybe 32GB if there's enough fund remaining. Though, my questions are, is it better if I spread them in 2 channel(2x8GB or 2x16GB) or 4 channel(4x4GB or 4x8GB)?
  4. VGA/Graphics Card: So, people say that the cards price is skyrocket high these days thanks to bitcoin miner. So, is GTX 1070 enough for at least for smooth minimal 60FPS for those games up above?
  5. HDD: I plan to grab 1 or 2 WD Black Series 2TB HDD. I also plan to get 1 500GB SSD for the main windows and programs installation drive. Any recommendations for this? Is Samsung 850 EVO-series SSD good enough? Or is there any other good recommendations?
  6. DVD/Blue Ray Drive: Is Asus disc drive good?
  7. PSU: I honestly, have no idea how to know how much the watt needed, or even how to calculate it. Any help on this?
  8. Casing: I... don't know. Something that has good airflow and big enough? For the note, I never fancied any sorts of RGB. So no RGB is a big yes.
  9. Monitor: I also don't understand enough about PC monitor, other than the refresh rate and response time. I've heard about the nit or something when people testing monitor, but never understand the basis of it. The lowest ping for an online multiplayer game I ever achieved is 20ms ping so as long as response time under that, then I don't have any problem. Also, I usually play in low graphics settings for online games and high/ultra settings for single player campaign games.
  10. Keyboard: I honestly just recently trying mechanic keyboard thanks to my school pc lab, though I'm more used to a laptop keyboard.
  11. Mouse: Well, some gaming mouse on medium hand size? With programmable macro buttons of course.
  12. Headset: Something that good enough for gaming, video and audio editing for sure.
  13. Speaker: Headset is enough. Maybe after I get some more fund.
  14. OS: Windows 10 Pro for that update control feature.
  15. UPS Systems: This is not really needed, but a recommendation for future reference is always appreciated.
I think that's all. Sorry if my English is chaotic and/or weird since it's my 3rd language.
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