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Share your ideas and resources for using crypto to help with the global fight against COVID-19 and the economic intervention.


While everyone is talking about COVID-19 aka coronavirus, the contribution of the crypto community has so far been largely disorganized and reactionary. While some individuals and teams are taking action, most people on this subreddit and elsewhere seem more concerned with price speculation and finding ways to turn the crisis into profit. As far as I've seen, there has been no concerted effort or discussion on how we can use blockchain and cryptoeconomics to directly mitigate the damage.
Rather than losing sight of those asking how or actively trying to help, lets use this thread to track all of our efforts, and organize our labor and funding to maximize our impact. Crowdsourcing like crypto should be!


To keep things organized and constructive, please follow this code of conduct. I will update the sections below with upvoted resources that meet these requirements.
  1. Treat each other like capable humans, each eager to help the others.
  2. Any ideas and other creative work should be offered as free and open source.
  3. Do not speculate on or try to profit by trading the crisis.
  4. Try to offer solutions that can be completed quickly, openly, within this community. i.e. applying existing tools and proven tech, not creating a new blockchain
  5. Keep an open mind for any other parties willing to collaborate, including governments, banks, etc.


Lets identify and describe problems that are or will occur due to COVID. Classify the problems by if and how blockchain technology could be applied to them.
Title Description Blockchain Application
Protein folding Use computing cycles to test proteins for application in COVID medicines. mining alternative
Non-profit donations Donate crypto to non-profits to help with COVID. funding
Tracking Use blockchain to track and validate COVID status. platform
Commercial Credit Businesses are losing credit as the fractional reserve credit system freezes up. funding
CBDC Central Bank Digital Currencies are sanitary and universally accessible, even during lockdowns. platform


Websites and Communities
There are number of existing communities like this one that are already organizing to help. They are not very engaged with the crypto community so far.
Title Description Link
Help With Covid COVID-19 projects looking for volunteers [website]1
Helpful Engineering Thousands of engineers volunteering to help with COVID. [website]2
COVID-19 Crowdsourced Startup Best-Practices & Resources Crowdsourced document to gather information which main purpose is to help startups and companies that are affected by the current restrictions due to the global COVID-19 outbreak. [Google Doc]3
There are a number of hackathons being organized, especially by European governments, and private corporations. Programmableweb is hosting an [updated list]5 . Rather than reproducing that here, I think it is better to read their list, and email the editor indicated at the bottom with new events.
CBDC aka Stablecoins
Issue central bank and/or gov. backed stablecoins. | U.S. Stimulus bills and other gov. proposals. Under active consideration by dozens of governments around the world. Let us know if your government is considering this, and what they need!
A leading company in this space is bitt, and they have an excellent [CBDC hub page]6 .
Country Status Source
Barbados Live [bitt]7
U.S.A. Proposed [Forbes]8
Panama Proposed [La Estrella]9
Data Sharing and Analysis
This is one of the most active fields of volunteering, but so far it has not been tied to blockchain in any live systems.
Title Description Link
SSI Covid Test Results Verifiable test results [Google Doc]10
CoronaTrace Tracking test results [website]11
Grants and Funding
The potential for funding is quite obvious since ICOs are one of the top uses of crypto so far. Some existing platforms have already made funding windows available, but surely we could create more specialized vehicles if we put our heads together.
Title Total Funding Link
Protocol Labs Open Innovation Grant $200,000 [application page]12
Crypto COVID-19 Help
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