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According to the ECJ, it is clear that the exchange of traditional currency for units of bitcoin, in return for payment of a sum equal to the difference between the price paid by the operator to purchase the currency and the price at which he sells the currency to his clients, constituted a supply of services for consideration within the meaning of Article 2(1)(c) of the VAT Directive. The difference between the purchase price and the sale price would constitute Mr Hedqvist’s company’s earnings. The company would not charge any other fees. 14 The transactions that Mr Hedqvist intends to carry out are thus limited to the purchase and sale of ‘bitcoin’ virtual currency units in exchange for traditional currencies, such as the Swedish crown, or vice versa. It is not ... Bitcoin is based on ideas and thoughts developed since the eighties. Even though the pieces of puzzle had been there for a while, Satoshi Nakamoto was first to put it all togehter. This happened in 2008, in the middle of a global financial crisis. Kontakt. Jag heter David Hedqvist och ansvarar för sedan starten 2012. Enklast kontaktar du mig på forumet eller på vår Facebook-sida.Gäller det köp av Bitcoin här på så är det Safello som ansvarar för köpen och därmed står för supporten. The tax authorities said Bitcoin trading should be subject to VAT, but Hedqvist thought the answer should be no, and he took it to court and eventually it reached the appeal court in Sweden.

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Doctor's Boogie Woogie - YouTube

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